This is part of my final college project.
   There is a gap in the market for a new mobile phone provider. Smart phone usage is increasing month on month                    and the established brands have dominated the industry. Zoo Mobile wants to change that and give everyone the power of a smart phone at a minimum cost. With the arrival of 4G technology allowing for great connection speeds it means that traditional telephone contracts are quickly becoming a thing of the past.
    Zoo Mobile have developed a stripped down iphone 5 which enables users to get smart phone power without restrictive contracts and hidden costs. Its simple, you pay a small deposit and the iphone is rented for €.. / Month. This provides you with an iphone, and ‘all you can eat’ data allowance. When you are finished or want to upgrade you had it back and replace it with a new one. 
Business trading name        Zoo Mobile

Core Brand Values               Smart, convenient, quick, youthful, fresh, simple
Key Objectives                   - Introduce a specialised new mobile phone carrier to the market
                                           - Communicate to a youth audience
                                           - Convey the technology as it is - No frills and very simple
                                           - By choosing Zoo Mobile you become part of a unique community

Target audience                16 - 24 Years olds
Idea                                    Reaching out to the wide audience by influential skate - culture
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